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Chinese Reciprocal Learning Team Arrives!
Kingsville thanks all for the hospitality in welcoming Jing, Yangxi and Mo to Kingsville and our school.  As part of our ongoing experience in the Reciprocal Learning Program we will host these three student teachers, welcome visiting administrators and partner with a Sister School in Bejing!​
Jing teaches her first art lesson. 
Jing and Yangxi are female student teachers with fine arts degrees.
Mo is a male teacher with a physical education degree and fine arts (dance and drama) specialty.  All three are student teachers on a 3 month exchange experience at the University of Windsor.  Last year Mr. Cowper travelled to China on a two week  education administrative exchange to Southwest University in Chong Qing.  Our students are from Southwest University.

Mm Geddes, Dr. Pearsall and Mrs. Loop-Snyder will provide a home base for our students.  Besides a "home base" Student teachers will visit and participate as observers in all classrooms in our school.  During the two week placement they will work in classrooms and can deliver lessons on Chinese education and culture.  The teachers are more than willing to teach some of their fine art and work with our students.  While in China Mr. Cowper experienced many lessons that stemmed from traditional Chinese culture.  Our student teachers will get involved in lessons and learning that may stem from our Canadian Heritage.  The Bilingual and Immersion experience is not one they are used to. 

As an addition we are expecting a visit from a team of teachers and administrators from Zheng Jia Yan school in Chong Qing between October 11-14.  Zeng Jia yan School Teachers and Principals were very gracious in our welcome to the primary school in Chongqing​.  We will welcome the group with a "Champions" march welcome!
This Year Kingsville PS has been offered the opportunity to partner with Beijing Xizhongjie Primary School.  Luxin, a professor at the China National Research Center for Foreign Language Education, has offered a match with Kingsville P.S.   Please see the attached PDF school profile to meet our Beijing sister school!

What happens next? . . We skype, talk and possibilities surface.

Maybe your (child's) class will Skype to connect with a classroom in China!  You never know where one skype call will take you!  It took Mr. Cowper across the world!​

Special thanks to the University of Windsor and Dr. Shijing Xu, The Greater Essex County District School Board and Dr. Clara Howitt for this incredible, global opportunity for these schools in our district:  Kingsville, Talbot Trail, Westgate, Queen Victoria, Glenwood, Eastwood and Prince Edward.

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