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National Archery in Schools Program at KPS
​​​​​​​KPS Educators are always looking for ways to improve student motivation, attention, behavior, attendance, and focus. Teachers strive to achieve  and eduactional standards regarding development of micro and macro motor ability and listening and observation skills. They hope to engage each student in the educational process and develop relationships to promote graduation.

 The NASP Program at KPS

Wildlife Conservation agencies like the Local Safari Club are concerned too many young people are forgoing learning outdoor skills that will inspire them to spend more time with wild things in wild places. Natural resource professionals are convinced learning target shooting skills will result in character and self-reliance development that will serve the future of wildlife conservation well.​  

Students from grades 4 to 8 can participate with one of our 7 trained and nationally certified teachers.  We also have a club and a team. KPS is proud to partner with the Safari Club to bring this program to life.