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The Garden and Agriculture Project
Kingsville Public School has always shown great commitment and passion towards helping out in our community. These traits have been growing in our school as over the years K.P.S has participated in a number of activities such as the Terry Fox run, Relay for Life and canned good drives to the local food bank to support  our community.
To further impact our community K.P.S created a community garden. This project started out by the hard work of many students, teachers, parents and members of the community, including Access a community organisation which donated their time and money to support the new and exciting project. With the amazing support from the community our garden has had an enormous impact on the overall environment of the school as classes are regularly tending, learning and exploring about the health and educational benefits of gardening, as well as eating and sharing the produce.

The garden at our school has added more positive traits to the kind and generous Kingsville Cobras, including responsibility, collaboration, diligence and most importantly pride as the students have had the amazing experience of building something with their own hands and feeling the joy of knowing that they are helping out.