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Lakeshore Sports


​Athletic Teams

It is a privilege to represent Lakeshore Discovery School on a school team. Students and families who are afforded this privilege will be provided with an athletic code of conduct which supports good sportsmanship, fair play and appropriate conduct from Parents/Guardians and spectators. It is voluntary for teachers to coach sports teams. Coaches will determine how teams are formed, how games are played and will receive full support from school administration in their ability to do so. 

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Lakeshore Discovery Athletic Guidelines

​1) The coaches are in charge of the team and of the players on the team. They make all of the decisions concerning the team and the players on the team. The twenty four hour rule will apply if there are concerns regarding any sports-related issue which is to be brought forth to the coach of the team. This rule states that twenty-four hours must pass before any sports related issue is brought forth to the coach of the team. Once this rule has been followed, any sports related issue must be addressed in the same manner as any academic concern, ie an appointment is to be made with the coach by calling the office during school hours.

2) The coach reserves the right to play what players they would like, when they would like, and how often they like. Although there will be an effort made to have all players see playing time, it will not always be equal.

3) It is expected that each student athlete will do the best that he can during the games and at practices. No coach will expect more or accept less. Attendance at practices is mandatory. Students who miss practice should not expect to play during games. Chronic non-attendance may result in dismissal from the team, pending the coach's discretion.

4) Each student athlete is expected to display the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play, and to play the game according to the letter and spirit of the rules.

5) It is important that the student athlete maintain acceptable levels of academic achievement, effort, behaviour, and attitude about the school. Concerns by any staff member, in any area, about any student may result in that student being suspended from the team or asked to leave the team.

6) The ability and judgement of the referee is not to be questioned by any athlete or parent. Any displays of disrespect in this area may result in that athlete's removal, not only from the game, but also from the team.

7) Trash-talking during practices and in games is not acceptable. Also unacceptable is any behaviour that embarrasses, unduly intimidates, threatens, or humiliates another player, team, official, spectator, or school.

8) Only proper attire, as determined by the coach, will be allowed at practices and games.

9) Our Lakeshore Discovery School uniforms are worn with pride. If a child has been issued a uniform, please encourage them to look after it properly so the uniform is returned clean and in good condition. Uniforms are not meant to be worn during the school day. Teams are provided with time to change into uniforms prior to games

Any student who wishes to be part of a school team must agree to follow the guidelines.