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Mrs. Martin's Research Roundup

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčSocial Studies Resources for Inquiry

Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here

Mrs. Martin's YouTube Channel‚Äč (many social studies playlists) 

General Provocations for Inquiry into History and Archeology

Archeology discoveries of First Nations in Windsor‚Äč - article from Windsor Star March 2018

What is Stonehenge? - great for grade 4‚Äč‚Äč Early Societies or to get kids talking

"New" discoveries about Stonehenge - article about Sept. 2014 BBC documentary about buried discoveries , "discovery" after dry grass patches reveal missing stones , and Promo for Operation Stonehenge as well as the actual documentary (as long as the link continues to work!)

Franklin Expedition: Various resources as the mystery has been solved...

Video from the show, The Nature of Things,‚Äč about the discovery of the first ship. Amazing! 

Background with timeline showing how long this inquiry has gone on.

New artifacts discovered Sept. 2014

Announcement about finding the first of the missing ships Erebus and article on who gets what (dividing the finds between countries participating in the Inquiry)

The identity of found ship revealed (when they found the first ship, including how Climate Change has made this discovery possible) 

Article put out by Canadian government updating identity of ship, but also listing all the various NGO's, government, etc. involved. ‚Äč 

Information about finding of the HMS Terror (2016)

No Camera, No Proof: article explaining why Inuit hunter Sammy Kogvik‚Äč didn't tell anyone for years about finding the ship's mast.

 Video exploring the interior the summer of 2019 (video)‚Äč

NEW 2020! Over 350 New Artifacts Found on Erebus!‚Äč

NEW Feb. 2020! A video of the actual exploration of the Erebus during August and Sept. of 2019‚Äč (including artifacts)

More background on the significance and drama of the findings (article). 

"It just Got Much More Complicated" article.

19 Facts about the Franklin Expedition (really interesting stuff is near the end)

Trailer for TV Series‚Äč Based on Shipwrecks (made before the ships were found -- fictional)

Grade 1 - People and Environments: The Local Community

Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here‚Äč

Grade 2 - Heritage and Citizenship: Changing Family and Community Traditions

Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Page (many more videos on here so check it out!) - click here‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

‚ÄčCanadian Thanksgiving: Are You a Proud Canadian (article) and How Canadian Thanksgiving Began ‚Äč(article)

Grade 2 - People and Environments: Global Communities

Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Page (many more videos on here so check it out!) - click here‚Äč

World Continents Game (online) - level 1 and level 2

Continents and Oceans map for labeling‚Äč‚Äč

World Continents and Oceans Map for Studying:the-physical-world-continents-and-oceans-worksheet-activities-map-longitude-latitude-worksheets-continent-ocean.jpg

Britannica for Kids Enclyclopedia (log in with GECDSB membership) 

GECDSB Online Databases (e.g. Kids InfoBits) (log in with GECDSB membership)

Geography for Kids - Look up your country of choice from the list on the left (or bottom on a mobile device) ‚Äč

‚Äč‚ÄčNational Geographic Kids Explore the World‚Äč ‚Äč- Interactive map with information on various countries

World Geography for Kids by National Geographic - fun site for kids to check out all sorts of neat geography stuff‚Äč

Factmonster: Kids Around the World 

A to Z Kidsstuff: Country Facts for Children (many countries listed by region of the earth. Scroll down to find your choice.)

Pics for Learning - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window

KidZone Geography‚Äč - not a lot of countries but a few, and some visuals as well as information.

Holidays in Different Countries

Little Human Planet ‚Äč- website with various episodes featuring children living in various countries around the world‚Äč

Grade 3 - People and Environments: Living and Working in Ontario

 Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here‚Äč‚Äč

Ontario in My Canada - TV Ontario video‚Äč ‚Äč

Ontario ‚Äč- an article about its history and geography elements (Canadian Geographic)

Waterloo Catholic ‚Äč‚ÄčDSB resources for this unit

Mining Resources - from Ontario Mining

Industries in Ontario 

Explaining Population Density‚Äč - video featuring Minecraft to explain the concept‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window

Grade 3 - Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada - 1780 to 1850

Archeology discoveries of First Nations in Windsor‚Äč -‚Äč article from Windsor Star March 2018‚Äč

Interactive Territorial Map‚Äč of Canada‚Äč

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement (002).pdf from the GECDSB

Mural from West Gate PS and the GECDSB land acknowledgement (with audio for pronunciation)‚Äč and Colouring Page‚Äč

Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide for Teachers‚Äč (from Canadian Encyclopedia)

Bob and Randy Learn about Native Homes - video‚Äč

March 2020 Archeological Dig Finds Artifacts in Kitchener Road Construction‚Äč

Path of the Elders - Free Treaty 9 Games‚Äč (online game explaining treaty understanding from point of view of Cree)

Treaties - website with simple explanations --‚Äč

"Truth and Reconciliation Classroom Resource‚Äčs" - French and English videos and activity guide. Many relevant choices.‚Äč 

Ontario's Boundaries and The Changing Shape of Ontario‚Äč (Archives Ontario)

The Canadas - Lower Canada Around ‚Äč1820‚Äč (includes maps showing political changes, Loyalist outposts, etc.) 

Pioneer Life Article (from Canadian Encyclopedia) - after initial arrival, how towns and villages were created

Essex County History‚Äč - from‚Äč the County of Essex website (including "First County to be Settled" article here)

Underground Railway Article‚Äč (with local information)

Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada‚Äč (from the Archives of Ontario)‚Äč

Journey to Freedom: An Underground Railroad Interactive Program by National Geographic‚Äč

Mary Ann Shadd's biography‚Äč - Windsor entrepreneur and free Black person

Amherstburg Freedom Museum‚Äč  website

‚ÄčRoads to Freedom‚Äč - amazing elementary teaching guide to our local Black History created for the Greater Essex County District School Board (PDF)

OESSTA's "Delicious" collection of Social Studies Links

Edhelper's Canada Social Studies Links - a mix of curriculum topics from grade 3-8

Link to Learning's Links to Grade 3 Social Studies Internet Resources

Toronto Public Library's Pathfinder (Kidspace) for Pioneer Resources

Edselect's Links to Grade 3 Social Studies Internet Resources

Early Days Homesteader Webpage

Pinterest - a collection of visuals of "pioneer" homes

Pics4Learning - copyright-free images for student projects

For teachers - Canada in the Making (resources for background)

Ecokids First Nations and Inuit - all the key Canadian First Nations‚Äč

The Eastern Woodlands Hunters - information on the various aspects of some of the Nations traditionally in our territory

Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here

Why We Live Where We Live‚Äč  - a Learn360 video (need access)

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window

Grade 4 - People and Environments: Political and Physical Regions of Canada‚Äč

Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here‚Äč

Four Directions Teachings Website - Online learning resources that share Indigenous knowledge and teachings from First Nations people in Canada

Britannica School Junior - needs a login and password from your teacher

Canada for Kids: Mrs. Mitchell's collection of resources about Canada for her students

Capital Cities of Canada - TV Ontario video

Provinces and Territories - TV Ontario video ‚Äč‚Äč

University of Windsor Faculty of Ed Project on Canada's Regions - short text about each region‚Äč

Physical Regions of Canada YouTube Movie - project video showing the physical regions of Canada

My Canada‚Äč - TV Ontario‚Äč

How Did ‚Äčthe Provinces Get Their Names‚Äč - quick and catchy video with some neat info

Canada Country - video of a song re: the various provinces and territories, and what makes them great, including capital cities‚Äč

Biomes and Climographs (website introducing world biomes and how climographs work)

Student Project from Alberta about the Interior Plains‚Äč

Encounters with Animals Through the Canadian Regions Student Project

Link Between First Nations Student Project - Plains and Inuit

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Links and Lessons from the Canadian Atlas - some lessons and resources on various natural resources, issues regarding industry and regions, etc.

Sharing Circle included in a unit re: Needs and Wants and Environmental Stewardship ‚Äč

Small Change Fund Success Stories - a website filled with environmental and social justice advocacy projects in Canada, many of which relate to industry, misuse of Natural Resources, etc.

Go Green at Home - Article outlining how we can make better choices at home so we affect the environment less negatively (suggested by the Konarski family)

What Makes a Great Public Service Announcement - background essay on effective PSA's

Public Service Announcement Links (copied from websites to remove ads but with credit provided in the text): Elements of a Good PSA.docElements of a Good PSA.doc, How to Write a PSA Script.docHow to Write a PSA Script.docHow to Make an Effective PSA.docHow to Make an Effective PSA.docWrite a public service announcement.docWrite a public service announcement.doc

Grade 4 - Heritage and Identity: Early Societies, 3000 BCE - 1500 CE
General Resources on Early Societies:
BBC Ancient History Page - features well-organized information on many ancient
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - featuring Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window
Geography of Ancient Greece
Interactive Greek Timeline from Manchester University
History for Kids - Greece (links to just about everything related to Ancient Greece)
Mr. Donn's Greece Website - Greek Gods (introductions and explanation of Roman counterparts)
Mr. Donn's Greece Website - Greek Mythology (many actual myths featuring the Greek gods)
Wartgames Greek Mythology Website - includes many Greek myths, as well as links to some other related topics

Kids Konnect - Egypt (links to all sorts of Ancient Egyptian topics)
History for Kids - Egypt (links to just about everything related to Ancient Egypt, but close the pop-up window if it appears, first)
Academic Kids Encyclopedia: Ancient Egypt - includes links as well as clipart on various Egyptian topics at the bottom of the page
Woodlands Primary Homework Help's Egypt Website - by Mandy Barrow, with links to many different topics in the sidebar
NEOK12's Ancient Egypt for Kids - includes links and a number of teacher-recommended mini-videos (some of which are recommended for students in the older grades, so preview first)
Glass-making in Ancient Egypt (a resource recommended by Maddie, a student from Indiana)
History for Kids - Rome (links to just about everything related to Ancient Rome)
BBC Primary History - Romans
National Geographic Kids - 10 Facts about the Ancient Romans
The Roman Empire - Children's Section (links to various subjects)
Social Studies for Kids - Rome (links and suggested books)
Gladiator School in Rome - video of a program for tourists with kids being trained
Kids Konnect - Vikings (a brief student-friendly introduction and then many links on all things Viking)
Grim Gruesome's Viking Children Site - a PDF that also promotes the four novels in the Grim Gruesome series

History of the Vikings‚Äč - partial video from and article

Viking Map‚Äč and Path of Invasions here.‚Äč
Viking Homework Helper site - questions and answers, and more links to follow up
History for Kids - Medieval (links to just about everything related to Medieval Society)
Mr. Donn's Medieval Europe for Kids - many links on many topics
The Medieval Arms Race - showing weapons and strategies for sieges, etc.
Nova's Medieval Siege - Based on a broadcast on PBS, it features engineers recreating and explaining medieval fighting
Black Plague Webquest - useful resources even if you don't do the webquest
North American Ancient Civilizations:
Social Studies for Kids - The Americas (includes Aztec, Maya, Inca)
Ancient China:
Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here
Grade 5 - Heritage and Identity: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada (check out gr. 3 and gr. 6 H and I links above and below, too!)

New France Around 1745‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč - a bunch of links with great information and visuals for teachers and students alike from LEARN
First Nations Seeker - Tribes if North America
Eco-Kids First Nations and Inuit Tribal Groups
Four Directions Audio Teachings - transcripts you can read and audio to hear, if you don't have Flash.
Homes of the Past: Iroquoian Longhouse
Toronto Public Library's KidsSpace - First Nations Resources
Canadian Museum of History - New France, First Nations, etc.    
Colonization of New France - a complete unit for teachers looking at Aboriginal and French encounters and the effects (from the Critical Thinking Cooperative)
Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window
Grade 6 - People and Environments: Canada's Interactions with the Global Community
What Is An NGO? (fairly good little 5 minute video explaining NGO's with some great visuals but a fairly strongly accented narrator. A bit too detailed at the end with respect to the kinds of NGOs, as far as grade 6 is concerned, but still worth it.)
Non-Government Organizations Based in Countries other than Canada (but with Canadian participants) (list with links)
Stephen Lewis Foundation (NGO) - Aids Sees No Colour video (NOTE: quite graphic) or the less graphic "Disappearing" (A PSA from the Stephen Lewis Foundation addressing adults leaving orphans behind because of AIDS.)
Red Cross (NGO) - Red Cross PSA and "My Red Cross" short video (showing what International Red Cross does all over the world) as well as a video featuring The First Photographs from Port-au-Prince After the Haiti Earthquake in 2010, and a video showing the Emergency Health Response in Haiti by the Red Cross the first few days. In addition, this video (Solidarity wtih Haiti) shows how international Red Cross societies from other countries work together to help.
The United Nations: It's Your World - a video about what the UN does, with a brief touching on its history, and then outlining many ways it helps around the world) (about 7 minutes long) and United Nations for Kids (a short animated video outlining the history of the UN and its mission. Narrator isn't very engaging but content is good. This is part 1 and there is a part 2. About 7 minutes).
What is NATO (quick video outlining NATO's involvement in major global situations as a prompt to introduce NATO to students)
What Is NAFTA (student project video that is very quick but can start the conversation)
G8 Video (explaining the who, what, where and why of the G8, as an introduction to Global Issues)
Interactive Map of CIDA-funded projects (From Canada's Foreign Affairs Website)
Kids Go Global - a brief, kid-friendly collection of the most common global issues to act as an introduction
Global Issues - a huge collection of topics related to global issues, with resources
Global Warming 101 - a video explaining the global issue of Global Warming for kids from National Geographic.
Child Poverty - a video called Elvin and Ana Cristina: What Childhood Poverty Means in Guatemala (almost ten minutes). This article featuring the child poverty rate in the US is also a great provocation.
Global Connections: Canada's Involvement in World Organizations (outlines most key organizations, their purpose, etc.) 
Chocolate: A Fair Trade and Human Rights Issue (pdf unit outlining issues related to chocolate)

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window‚Äč
Teacher Resources
Interpreting Climographs with the "Gang of Fourteen" - resources to teach climographs ending in a fun activity
Juicy Geography Climographs - a primary activity that has students reading and interpreting climographs, but could be used to introduce it for grade 6's.
Biomes and Climographs (background on the world's biomes and related climographs, for introducing climographs and tying it in with grade 4 learning)
Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here


Grade 6 - Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, Past and Present
Immigration - an overview of the various waves from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Immigrants - links to hundreds of articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Mrs. Pike's Symbaloo of Links - a collection of links organized on a Symbaloo 
Collections Canada's animated introduction to communities in Canada
Historical Overview of Immigration to Canada - a series of webpages outlining the different groups and waves of immigration through Canada's history
Canada's Pioneers and Immigrants - from Canada in the Making
Pier 21 Resources - primary source documents about various immigrant groups
Immigration History: Ethnic and Cultural Groups - a whole list of the major communities that formed Canada in the past, from the Library and Archives, Canada, with a basic introduction of each, and related links in some cases.
A Scattering of Seeds mini-videos - on YouTube, featuring short videos of famous and not-so-famous immigrants that helped make Canada. Descriptions of each episode (now free on YouTube but originally offered by WhitePine), are available here.
Passages Canada Story Archive - biographies of Canadian immigrants and citizens explaining their cultural identities and background
A Look at Notable Immigrant Athletes - featuring various time periods
Canadian Aboriginal History Timeline - outlining key events in Canadian Aboriginal history. Another version of this is found here.
Aboriginal Justice and Self-Determination Timeline - from the Manitoba Ministry of Education
Aboriginal Rights - from the University of British Columbia
French Immigrants in New France - introduction to many aspects of New France and its history from the Virtual Museum of New France
Daily Life in New France  - good material from the program A Country by Consent
British Immigrants to Canada - from the Pier 21 website
English to Canada: Ontario's English Immigrants
Canadian Immigration: Early 1900's - with a focus on immigrants from Great Britain
Ukrainian Canadians - from
Ukrainian Canadians - a history of Ukrainians in Canada from the Toronto Ukrainian Geneology Group
The Ukrainians - from Canada Alive
Early Chinese Canadians - from Collections Canada
Alberta's Chinese Canadian History - from the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre
The Ties that Bind - from the Multicultural History Society of Ontario
Important Events in the History of the Chinese of Canada Timeline - from Multicultural Canada
Chinese Immigration video - from the CBC Digital Archives
Irish Canadian Immigration Overview - from the Irish Geneology Toolkit website
Irish Immigration - from Canada: A People's History
Irish Canadians- from the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Irish Famine - Canada in the Making
Underground Railroad Immigrants - from Canada: a People's History
Black History Canada - Timeline from 1900's on
Early Black Canadian History - from K12 Study Canada
The Mary Ann Shadd Story - from A Scattering of Seeds (Video available too)
Black Refugees in Nova Scotia - a bit of a harder read, but good details.
Prominent Black Canadians - from the past and present
Black Refugees in Nova Scotia - from the Pier 21 website
Black Canadians - from Wikipedia, but vetted and reliable
Amish Immigrants to Canada - Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
Mennonites - from the Library and Archives Canada
Amish Immigration - from the site North American Immigration
Exploring Amish Country - an introduction to Amish history and immigration
Mennonites - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Doukhobors - from the Library and Archives Canada
Who are the Doukhobors - from Collections Canada
Doukhobors - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Doukhobors Want Apology - article about children forced into residential schools
Doukhobor MysteryQuest - a webquest about a mysterious event in Can. Doukhobor
Doukhobor Explosion on the Kettle Valley Line - Doukhobor history timeline with more re: mysterious explosion
The United Empire Loyalists - from the History of Canada
The United Empire Loyalists - from The Canadian History Project website
Loyalists, the First Refugees - from Canada in the Making
Loyalists - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Italian Immigrants - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Italian Trunk - from Pier 21, a link of primary source material (use links on the left, and explore artifacts, photographs, stories, etc.)
The Hungarian Trunk - from Pier 21, a link of primary source material (use links on the left, and explore artifacts, photographs, stories, etc.)
Hungarian Immigrants - from the Canadian Museum of History
The Netherlands Culture Trunk - Dutch history from Pier 21, a link of primary source material (use links on the left, and explore artifacts, photographs, stories, etc.)
Dutch Immigrants - from the Kids' Guide to Canadian Settlement
Dutch Immigrants - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
The story of The Magnificent Abersons - wealthy Dutch immigrants (from a Scattering of Seeds)
Community of Montreal in 1860's - a brief overview of the social groups and issues at that time in Montreal

Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window
Grade 8 - Creating Canada - 1850 - 1890
Collateral Victim of Residential Schools - an article from the National Post (2016) as a provocation for discussion to introduce topic
Pics for Learning‚Äč - copyright-free pictures for projects with a search window‚Äč
Teacher Resources
Canada: A People's History - website corresponding to the award-winning video series. Much of the same information from the videos is included in simpler form on the website.
Immigration History of Canada - a complex website but with some interesting provocations to start discussion (e.g. immigration statistics by country)
The Six Major Waves of Immigration - an interactive timeline of Canadian immigration
Discussion and Activities from Pier 21 - provocations or LA tie-ins
Lesson Plans and Resources for Thinking About History - The Critical Thinking Consortium offers videos with lesson plans that include primary and secondary sources
Passages Canada - a contest in 2015 but still useful intro ideas
Coming to Canada - a project by students in Toronto recounting their personal immigration stories
The History of Immigration - a quick video outlining immigration in Canada (leads directly into the second part as well)
The Racist Truth about Canadian Immigration - an article on the various times Canadians have restricted immigration to certain races, religions and cultures
For Angela - movie from the National Film Board re: racism towards Aboriginal mother and daughter to provoke discussion about inclusiveness in Canada
Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here
Biography Resources

The following sites are recommended for students researching biographies: