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Leamington District Secondary School
The Pride of Leamington!
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About Us
Leamington District Secondary School is located in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. Leamington is situated on the north shore of Lake Erie and has a population of about 30 000. Our economy is based primarily on the agricultural and manufacturing industries as well as a vibrant tourism industry in the summer months. Our school was built in 2017 and is a modern educational facility fully-equipped to offer a wide range of academic, athletic and extra-curricular programmes for students in Grades 9-12.  Leamington District Secondary School has a reputation for preparing students for success after graduation, regardless of the post-secondary pathway they choose to pursue.

Leamington is located within one of the most culturally diverse regions in Canada and Leamington District Secondary School is certainly a reflection of the diversity of our broader community.  In 2018 approximately 23% of our student population was born outside Canada, with students originating from 29 different countries. Students born outside Canada are immigrating primarily from Mexico, Syria, Philippines,​ and Thailand.  Approximately 25% of our students have a mother tongue other than English, our language of instruction. After English, the first languages of our students include (in order) German, Spanish, Arabic and Tagalog.  In fact, our student body can speak over 20 different languages, with many students demonstrating proficiency in more than three languages. With immigrants and refugees arriving regularly, our staff and students have established an Ambassador Program to welcome newcomers to our school using their first language to help make their transition to a new school and community a positive experience. We celebrate our cultural diversity and ensure that our students new to Canada feel welcome and included in all aspects of school and community life. Our staff and students value the insight and perspective we gain from our newcomer students as this sharing of ideas enhances the intercultural understanding we foster at Leamington District Secondary School.​