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About Malden Central Public School

Malden School.JPGMalden Central Public School is located at 5620 County Road 20 (formerly Highway 18), near the corner of the former Malden Township Offices. We are now part of the town of Amherstburg. The 4-room school was built in 1950 and additions were added in 1954, 1964 and 2014. The school is rectangular in shape with the offices being in the middle. You can see each classroom by just looking down the long hall. 

Our current school population consists of approximately 260 students, who are enrolled from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our school community includes many students who are the third generation in their families to attend Malden. 

The Malden Central students, staff, and parents all contribute in "Building Tomorrow Together", the motto of the Greater Essex County District School Board. We, being in partnership with our school community, want to foster our children's chances for success by providing a caring, nurturing, learning environment, one in which our students feel happy about their choices, feel valued because they respect themselves and others, and where they feel pride in their academic excellence, physical fitness, and social-emotional development. 

The staff is hard-working, energetic, and truly enjoy their profession. They believe in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Malden has a comprehensive houseleague program, many sports teams, clubs.

The MCPIC, Malden Central School Parent Involvement Committee,  provides activities, resources, and people-power that help Malden fulfill its goals. Care, commitment, and common sense are demonstrated as they provide energy, expertise, and spirit for our school. They are true models for our students. 

We, at Malden, appreciate and recognize that differences exist in our students and that every student enriches our school. Each year, we establish school goals that identify our needs in the areas of curriculum development and implementation. Our School Improvement Plan enables us to continue to meet the needs of our students, staff, parents, and school community. Thus, the challenge continues for Malden to provide a learning environment that  "Motivates, Creates and Prepares students for Success". ​