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Anti-Bullying Resources and Initiatives

​​We are all responsible for supporting a Positive School Climate - Staff, Students and Families.

​Please watch the following "Be An Upstander" video from the NED Show to see how you can STOP bullying at our school and help your friends stay happy and safe!

Click below to watch video:

NED Be An Upstander video link

Remember to choose from one of the Four Upstanding Options:


        -be a good friend


        -ask the student to come and play with you to interrupt the bullying


        -this takes courage; say to the bully, "I don't like that, please stop."


      -tell your parents, teachers, or an adult you trust that someone is being bullied


Kids Help Phone​ - you're not alone


​For tips for social networking, tips for parents and stop a bully resources visit: 

Mental Health Support is available at: Mind Your Mind

From the Ministry of Education of Ontario Website:

Characteristics of a Positive School Climate

The following are some of the characteristics associated with a positive school climate:
  • Students, staff members and parents feel – and are – safe, included and accepted.
  • All members of the school community demonstrate respect, fairness and kindness in their interactions, and build healthy relationships that are free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Students are encouraged and given support to be positive leaders and role models in their school community; for example, by speaking up about issues such as bullying.
  • Students, principals, staff members, parents and community members engage in open and ongoing dialogue. All partners are actively engaged.
  • Principles of equity and inclusive education are embedded across the curriculum. Strategies for bullying prevention and intervention and awareness-raising are reinforced for students and staff.
  • The learning environment, instructional materials, and teaching and assessment strategies reflect the diversity of all learners.
  • Every student is inspired and given support to succeed in an environment of high expectations.