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Carnaval 2017

February 16, 2017

quebec-winter-carnival-in-collaboration-with-loto-quebec-bonhomme-carnaval.jpgOn the afternoon of Friday, February 24th, we will be celebrating the French festival called Carnaval, led by Mme Lukacs and her Intermediate students.   For this date only, we have made a change to our nutrition break times to allow the entire afternoon for this special celebration.

 Our first nutritional break will still be at 10:50 am until 11:30 am except we will eat first then go outside.

Our second nutritional break will begin at 12:20 pm and end at 1:05 pm.  We will also be eating first (a Subway day), then going outside.

Our Carnaval celebration will begin at approximately 1:05 pm and last until about 3:20 pm.

Thanks for noting these changes to the nutritional break times.