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Community History
Satellite Image.jpgMarlborough Public School, a charming older school located in the West Side of Windsor, opened in 1930 at 3557 Melbourne Street. It's other boundaries are Felix Avenue, Matchette Road and Tecumseh Road. Several additions between 1950 and 1968 have brought this large, old building to its current form.

As of September 2012, Marlborough's total Junior Kindergarten - Grade 8 enrollment is 363 of the finest students.  Marlborough can continue to claim its proud history as one of the most multicultural schools in the district. The languages and cultures of the minority students in Marlborough include Somali, Cambodian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Chinese, El Salvadorian, Nicaraguan, Vietnamese, Filipino, African, Jamaican, Korean, Iranian, Iraqi, Sudanese, Nigerian, Indian, American, Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian, Lybian, Native Canadian and of course, Canadian.


Visitors and newcomers comment on the positive, vibrant atmosphere of Marlborough School. There's always something going on here since our school is so closely connected to the community. Our parents are supportive and come to school for many reasons - as classroom volunteers, to applaud at assemblies, to help supervise on a field trip, to tutor, to cheer on athletic teams, etc. Together we focus on student achievement and learning.