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School History
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Marlborough School was an expression of the "boom" optimism of the twenties. The building was ready for occupancy in September 1930, with eight of the thirteen rooms occupied by 289 students, 1 principal, and 7 teachers.


Growth was slow until World War II; then additional accommodation was necessary. Two rooms were added in the form of a bungalow (intended as a temporary structure) in 1950 and are still in use today. The post war crop of children made the addition of four rooms at the east end of the school a necessity. Additional home construction and the location of rental units in the school district in 1957 and 1958 raised enrolment to a point where it was necessary to make a further addition of four rooms at the west end of the school. These rooms were constructed facing the south to permit further additions if necessary.


During the 40's, the parking lot in front of the school was purchased and in 1958 one-half of the lot was sold to Tabernacle Baptist congregation as a site for their new church building, completed in the Spring of 1959. In 1958, the school grounds were increased so that they encompassed the space lying between Melbourne and Tecumseh Road and from Felix to within one lot's depth of Matchette Road, so that there was sufficient play space for the anticipated increase in enrolment.


The enrolment of 800 in 1959 increased steadily each year in March of 1964 it surpassed 900, so the Board of Education provided more accommodation in the form of a three-classroom addition. In 1967, the enrolment peaked at 1,033. This coincided with the completion of a 4-room addition to the west of the school facing south. This included a new staff room. The Marlborough Community Centre opened its doors on February 12, 1968, and has served the community at large and the school staff and students. In 1972, the library on the second floor was expanded and renovated and this has resulted in the current school setup we enjoy today.


In 1980, Marlborough celebrated its 50th anniversary and in 2005, we celebrated its 75th anniversary. Successful reunions were held at the school on both occasions and we currently have a time capsule in our front lobby to open in the future.


In May, 2018, the Senior Administration of the GECDSB decided that Marlborough was to become a "Dual Track" elementary school to serve students living in the west end of Windsor who are enrolled in French Immersion. This decision was made to accommodate the overcrowding of Giles Campus French Immersion School. This change took effect as of September, 2018 beginning with students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 1. Each subsequent year, another grade will be added to the school until Marlborough has all grades (JK-8) being taught in both English and French.