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Eco School
What do you like about helping the earth?
I like to know that I am making the world a better place for others in the future.  Plus, when I help, it usually means that I can get to be outside in nature – and I like the way that makes me feel.
Where did Earth Week originate from?
This originated back in the early 1990’s, when Canadians joined millions of people across the world to celebrate an international Earth Day for the first time.  The goal of participants was to raise global awareness of environmental issues, and to pressure their governments to take part in something called the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, which addressed such issues as climate change and world-wide species loss.  Today, Earth Day has evolved into an annual international day of celebration and action.
*The annual Rose City Clean Sweep, whereby Northwood knights walked the surrounding area to pick up litter and help keep our neighborhood clean.  Over 60 bags of garbage were collected in one day!                                                                                    
The re-opening of the Northwood Recycling Centre in the main hall across from the office.  In addition to our usual collections of pop tabs, ink cartridges and used batteries, we are now accepting juice pouches (aka juice jammers).  Emptied juice pouches will be collected in our giant purple box and then sent to a company called TerraCycle, to be made into neat products like bags.  Not only are we helping to divert these un-recyclables from the landfill, but two cents for every pouch collected will be donated to charity!  It’s a win-win situation!

(The Northwood Recycling Centre

All members of the Northwood community, including families and friends in our neighbourhood, are reminded that our school’s recycling centre (located in the main hallway around the corner from the office) is available for all to use.  Feel free to bring in your used dry-cell batteries and printer ink cartridges.  Aluminum pop can tabs are also accepted, and will be sent to Colasanti’s to help raise money to purchase wheelchairs for people in need.  All materials will be accepted in any quantity, and will be delivered to the appropriate places to ensure they are diverted from the landfill and properly recycled.  Stay tuned for further expansion of our list of recyclable items.
Thanks in advance for your contribution to our recycling efforts!  And remember The 5 R’s to Eliminating Waste:   Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle, Rethink. 
Go Knights!  Go Green!