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Finding Your True North Assemblies

Finding Your True North Assemblies

This year at Northwood Public School, we’re excited to work together with our students, staff and community to “Find our True North”! 

Your True North is the internal compass that guides you successfully through life.

According to Bill George, author of “Discover Your True North”, it is the values and beliefs that guide you on your path in life.  Your True North is unique – it represents who you are.  It pulls you toward your purpose – your life story.  Staying true to who we are helps us to navigate through the challenging and wonderful moments in life.  Following your True North requires courage and strength.

During the first week of school, Mr. Grant’s Grade 4/5 classroom read a book and had a discussion about True North.  Aayan said that “True North = Your True Heart”.  We couldn’t have said it better!

What excites and motivates you?  When do you accomplish activities with enthusiasm and purpose?  What is your True North?

​January 25​11:15 a.m.
​February 22​1:45 p.m.
​March 29​11:15 a.m.
​April 26​​1:45 p.m.
​May 31​11:15 a.m.
​June 26​1:45 p.m.