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Lending Policies

Lending Policies

All students at Northwood from grades 1-8 may borrow books.  Students may take out only 1-2 books at a time and if they have any overdues, must return the overdue book before taking out another book.

At the beginning of the year, the teacher librarian will review proper book etiquette including the following:

1. Treat your book with respect.  Handle your book with clean hands and be gentle with it.

2. Keep your library book in a specific spot at home so you never lose it.

3. Use a book mark to remember where you left off.

4. Remember to return your book on time - other students want to enjoy it too!

5. If you really like the book, let others know.

6. If there is a book you want to read and the learning commons does not have it, let the Teacher Librarian know!

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