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Olympic Spirit at Parkview

Parkview students enjoyed participating in several activities to celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia.

To begin our Olympic celebration, the entire school met in the gym for a special activity led by Mr. Crestan and Mrs. Bissonnette. Students were encouraged to brainstorm various math words and link them to the Olympics. After watching a few live clips of olympic events on the large screen, students discussed several mathematical words such as shapes, angles, distance, speed, time, patterns, and transformations and how these math words were related to the Olympics. Students from Early Years to Grade 8 participated in our large group math discussion, posters were made, and students cheered for Canada!

Many individual classes kept medal counts, researched Canadian athletes, made Olympic fact folders, and other fun activities during the duration of the 2014 Olympic Games.

Parkview also had their own closing activity. On February 21, students participated in our annual Parkview Winter Olympics. While in their House Teams, students enjoyed travelling to several events throughout the school. Events such as ski racing, hockey shooting, and bean bag toss made the competitions fun and enjoyable for all!  During one of the events, each student and staff member helped to create a unique Canadian flag by stamping their painted hand print onto a blank canvas. The flag turned out beautiful and is now hanging up in our school library!  Another special memory for Parkview students!