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Parkview Has Heart

​February has been a great month for the students at Parkview to show they care!

Students were challenged to bring in some extra coins and place them in another 'House Team" bucket. The challenge was to try and fill another team's bucket and not their own.  

After a week of collecting coins, the students at Parkview raised $542 for Hospice.  It was a very successful coin drive!  Way to go Parkview!

Parkview students also particiapted in a cereal drive to collect boxes of cereal for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. Lead by Mr. James and the Grade 5's, students were encouraged to bring in a box of cereal to calculate class totals. The Grade 5 students added the weight of the cereal for each class and calculated the mean.  The final weight of cereal brought in by Parkview students and staff was an impressive total of 123 Kg!