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Intermediates at Fighting Island 2014

​Our trip to Fighting Island began by taking a boat to get on the island and then we went to a classroom filled with science related things and we learned a lot about ecosystems and wildlife on the island! Our group leaders, Pat and Dennis were very enjoyable, taught us a lot, and were extremely funny! Our class got to take 3 different soil samples from the marsh, the cornfields, and the DBO (distiller blow off) field. We tested the samples afterwards to see the pH (p= potential H= hydrogen) level of each soil and compared them. On our "tour" or walk, we saw many different and beautiful things such as, a paper wasp nest, a variety of trees and bushes, milkweed, pheasant feathers (from ones that were hunted) and many more! When we stopped by the marsh, we also collected water samples and later found all the organisms inside and looked at them through a microscope! We used a chart to identify all the aquatic organisms and bugs.

A few things that we enjoyed the most were, looking at the bugs through the microscope because it made us feel like real scientists and going right into the marsh to get the water samples because even though we got dirty it was a lot of fun!

If we were to go again, we would like to explore a little bit more on the island, such as, identifying different tree types or animal species. We would also enjoy, taking water samples from each little pond or marsh and comparing them!

So overall, it was a very exciting trip and we had a really fun time! We would love to go again sometime and learn even more!

The Intermediate Students of Parkview