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     Pelee Island Public School, Canada’s most southern school community, is a unique school within the Greater Essex County School Board.  As the only school on a small island in Lake Erie, our students gain hands on experience living within an interactive community, both human and natural.  Pelee Island is home to an unusual abundance of rare and endangered species of plant and fauna and is located on two major continental flyways, which means our island is visited biyearly by hundreds of migrating birds and butterflies.  

     Our students experience a high quality of education in a traditional 1927 three room school.  Students gain a life-long love of learning in a spirit of  cooperation and sharing in small  multigrade classes from Junior Kindergarten through grade 8.  High school students are guided in internet based courses by the committed and supportive teaching staff.  The small teacher-student ratio ensures a high quality education for all of its students, with individual and differentiated instruction tailored to the strengths and needs of each student.

     Our school has excellent resources to aid the students in their learning inquiry including the use of 21st century technologies (full high speed internet access, iPads and an interactive SMARTboard) to assist in developing 21st century skills​. Every year our students participate successfully in mainland track and field events as well as several island and mainland educational field trips.  Some recent excursions include visiting the Pelee Island Bird Observatory, exploring local and county museums/interpretive centres, attending the Stratford Festival, and going to Toronto.

Our staff:

Early Years - Mrs. L. Ross Gram
Grades 1-3 - Ms. A. Forbes
Grades 4-8 - Mr. R. Galloway
Janitor - Ms. S. Gardner