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Safety First
elmer safety elephant.pngTo keep our children safe, periodically it's important to remind them how they can keep themselves safe when not at home or school.
Here are some simple points to remember and to repeat regularly.
  • Always walk with a buddy.
  • Choose one route to school and always take that route.
  • Walk to and from school directly, don't stop to play and let a parent know when you have arrived home.
  • Walk on the sidewalk well away from parked or moving cars (not down an alley).
  • If you are at a traffic light, remember to continue across the street if the sign turns to Don't Walk while you are crossing.
  • You should cross the street only at corners or pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Do not cross the street from between parked cars.
  • Never talk to a stranger or accept anything from a stranger.
  • If someone approaches you or tries to speak with you or follow you, run to the nearest store, school or familiar location.
  • If you are approached or notice someone watching you tell your parent/guardian or a school staff member immediately.
The website, is a great resource with lots of information, activities and safety-related games you can play with your child.