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Students Planting For the Future
Prince Edward Kindergarten Students Learn through Mother Nature
Kindergarten Students at Prince Edward Public School know the excitement of learning through real life experiences.  To celebrate National Tree Day on Thursday, September 26th, the Kindergarten students planted a tree in the field outside of their classrooms.  The Crimson King Maple tree, donated by Windsor Parks and Recreation was planted in a ceremony with all four kindergarten classes attending.
Students sang environmental songs and helped cover the tree with soil while the tree was placed in its final location. 
During the last two weeks, students have brought nature items such as leaves, acorns and twigs to school to add to their Science centres.  This has sparked an interest in how trees grow and their environmental importance. 
 “One exciting aspect of the Kindergarten program is to create meaningful learning opportunities by bringing nature into the classroom.  We encourage the students to explore through hands-on activities what is outside the school walls,” says Jaime Taylor, Kindergarten teacher at Prince Edward.
Students will be following the growth of the newly planted tree during each season and throughout their elementary school years.
Just how much the students will learn from this tree planting experience is still to be determined, but Linda Lee, an Early Childhood Educator at Prince Edward School can tell it was something they will remember for quite a long time. 
“Community partnership and family involvement are essential in the growth and development of early learners.  Our students were so excited and just wanted to help.   You could see it on their faces and hear it in their voices.  Now that is meaningful learning!” says Lee.
Written By:  Jennifer Minovski, Key Communicator at Prince Edward Public School