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Riverside Secondary School
School History and Tradition

Riverside Secondary School is committed to providing excellence in education by promoting learning experiences and opportunities that encourage all students to reach their full potential and become responsible community members. Riverside takes pride in its community involvement and student leadership. All memebers of the school community work everday to live up to our motto, "Rebels are Leaders!"

Click History of Riverside.pdfHistory of Riverside.pdf to learn about the history of Riverside Secondary School.​



School Song

We come from R.S.S.  
We’re proud because we are the best,
We’re free to raise our battle cry,
And fill our souls with prestige high,
We’ll win the fight against the foe,
Our fighting team will strike the blow,
We’ll all rejoice in victory,
Three cheers for the Black and Gold,

Rah!  Rah!  Rah!