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Riverside Secondary School
Visual Arts

~ Visual Arts ~ 1293417-paint_brush_large.jpg
Mrs. A. Seaton

Visual Arts:  In Visual Arts we focus on building your knowledge of different art skills and techniques.  We explore the use of a variety of materials with emphasis on using and incorporating the seven Elements of Design and the eight Principles of Design.
Remember, you need one art credit to Graduate, however you can make art part of your high school experience by taking it every year.  Visual Arts is offered in grades 9 thru 12.
Also stop by on Wednesdays and become a member of the "Be yourself Arts club".  Here we share stories about art, think of ways to incorporate art into the school, and generally just hang out!  
We also have started a tradition of holding an art-a-thon, where we stay after hours and create artwork to be sold at our Annual Arts Spring showcase, held in the Spring!  There are also several art contests to enter throughout the year.
The following are sample pieces created in art class this semester by grade nine students:

Seaton 2.JPG

Seaton 3.JPG

Seaton 4.JPG