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Riverside Secondary School

Department Head:  Ms. C. Saunders 

Mr. W. Kerr

Mr. C. Caille

Support Staff:

Ms. Gallagher, Ms. Crease, Ms. Gagliardi, Ms. Germain, Ms. Howson, Ms. Van Rooyen, Ms Meunier


What is STEPS?


The Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) Program began at Riverside Secondary School in the Fall of 2009.

The purpose of the STEPS program is to provide those individuals who have developmental disabilities an environment that promotes learning while gaining the skills needed to be successful in everyday life.

The primary focus is placed on gaining literacy, numeracy, and independence. Each student has an individualized program based on unique student profiles.

Integration into the School Culture

One of the key components of the STEPS program is the integration of the students into the school culture.  Many of the students are involved in several different activities throughout the school.  These include but, are not limited to:
  • The delivery of school wide healthy snacks in the morning.
  • Working with the guidance dept to fold OPEN HOUSE pamphlets, roll graduation diplomas and filing.
  • Bringing down morning attendance and retrieving and returning afternoon attendance.
  • Recycling with the Grade 10 Science class
  • Working in the cafeteria wiping tables, wrapping food, loading the pop coolers, breaking down boxes, etc. 
  • Joining business students in their annual team work exercise of “building forts”.
  • Participation in the Grade 9 Day festivities

Peer Mentors - Let's Get Involved!

Riverside has been the pioneer in the partnership between STEPS and the GPP 30 class. These leadership students have become peer mentors to the STEPS students assisting them with school activities and to become involved in various social activities. It is hoped that this will eventually lead to the peer mentors taking students to after school clubs and events. 

The peer mentoring has also lead to placements for the co-op program allowing RSS students to receive 2 co-op credits for their work with this great group of students.  And after completion of the co-op placement, this can also lead to an apprenticeship as a Developmental Service Worker (DSW) or Educational Assistant (EA).  What a fabulous opportunity for our RSS students!