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Riverside Secondary School
Pedestrian Crossing
 Pedestrian crossing **new
Good morning,
The Windsor Police has notified me that there have been changes to the Highway Traffic Act regarding pedestrian crossings. 
“Effective January 1, 2016, section 140 of the Highway Traffic Act is amended as follows:
140(1) When a pedestrian is crossing on the roadway within a pedestrian crossover, the driver of a vehicle approaching the crossover,
(a) shall stop before entering the crossover;
(b) shall not overtake another vehicle already stopped at the crossover; and
(c) shall not proceed into the crossover until the pedestrian is no longer on the roadway. 2015, c.14, s. 39 (1).
The previous legislation permitting vehicles to proceed once the pedestrian has crossed half of the roadway is no longer in effect.
This means that vehicles cannot proceed until the pedestrian has entirely crossed the road, and is no longer on the roadway.”
Please consider placing this information in your school newsletters and website.  Your students who drive and staff members may want to know as well!   
Sharon Pyke
Superintendent of Education
Greater Essex County District School Board