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Riverside Secondary School
RSS Can Drive - Yes We CAN!
Riverside held its annual can drive during the month of December themed: “Bob the Builder Says: ‘Yes we CAN.’” Orchestrated by Riverside’s own Maggie Lyons, Minister of Internal and External Affairs, along with the rest of Student Parliament, it began on December 3rd, and came to a close on the 13th with a goal of 5,000 cans. As usual, Riverside Rebels surpassed the goal that was set, donating 7,050 cans. Mr. Daabous’ class brought in the most cans, with a count of 2,625, and although many students made contributions, Hakeem Sadiq brought in the most cans with 288. In addition to the abundance of cans, Riverside also received over $400 through various donations from the students and staff. The cans and money will go to the Unemployment Help Centre to be distributed to local families in need.

- Todd Pribanjic