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Riverside Secondary School
Grade Nine Day from a Participant's Perspective
​Written by Sarah Burk; Edited by Robert Lupoiu

           As a participant myself, I can say I was truly pumped for grade 9 day. With the Grade Twelve Leaders visiting our classes and discussing plans, the excitement in my grade level was rising. We honestly didn’t know too much about what to expect. It was mentioned that there would be games but we were left in the dark about all of the other details. I enjoyed how it was set up like a surprise: it made me curious to find out what the day would entail.​​​

Soon the day of the event came around and everyone was looking forward to a half day of fun. I am impressed with how dressed up our homeroom classrooms were. The pink team even went as far as to cover themselves with a chalk-like substance! It was funny to see how much they got into their role, even if their paint got on everyone else.

The start of the games rolled around and we all filed out to the soccer fields. After an amazing speech by Mr. Rankin, we got into our separate homeroom groups. We competed with each other in activities such as sponge dodgeball, temple run, tug of war, a slick and slide obstacle course and even more!

I know most of our favorite parts had to be the reactions when Grade Twelves dumped buckets of water on fellow students’ heads. I remembered wondering earlier that week why some of our teachers told us to bring a change of clothes. As I saw several kids get drenched I was happy I followed their advice.

The time to wrap the day up was coming. As of our supervisor’s request, we headed around to where all the student parliament and staff gathered. It was time to show off the cheers we created over the last week. It was a nice excuse to shout at the top of our lungs and exhibit the energy we felt. I must admit, Team Swimming did an exceptional job with their choreography and poster, though everyone brought something to the table.

We ended our fun-filled day by receiving our own Riverside’s Grade Nine Day T-shirts and listening to the final speech thanking all the ones who put the day together. On behalf of all my fellow Grade Nines, I to would like to express my gratitude. I got to interact with my classmates in ways that would have otherwise been impossible, and the day was a nice break from the routine that we were already getting into. We had a blast. Overall grade 9 day was fantastic and I cannot wait to see what the rest of our high school careers have in store!​