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Riverside Secondary School
Parent-Teacher Interview Tips

​By Agampreet Bhullar and Grace Jean; Edited by Robert Lupoiu

 ​      Parent teacher interviews are just around the corner! On Wednesday, October 19th, you will have the opportunity to introduce your parents and teachers to each other. As a student, you can take part in the interview and use this time to create an action plan. This plan will consist of the steps needed to get to your next level of learning. Remember to get your parents involved as well, so that all parties are on the same page. The teacher will bring the issues that need to be discussed to the table, but it is your job to be actively engaged in the discussion. Here are some questions to get you started on your path to success:

    1.       What are my strengths?

® Knowing your strengths can help you while studying so that you can optimize your time.

    2.       What are my weaknesses?

®These are the areas that you should focus on while studying.

    3.       How can I improve upon my weaknesses?

® If you are unsure of how to improve, having guidance can help you if you don’t know where to begin.

    4.       Is there any help available after school?

® Teachers may stay after school to help you or point you in the direction of a source that can help. For example, Monday to Thursday there is peer tutoring available in the library after school!

    5.       Can I get extra practice questions?

®​ If you can’t coordinate your schedule around your teacher’s, he or she can give you practice questions so that you can learn by yourself. Make sure to ask in class if you have any questions!​​