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Welcome to "Me To We" at Roseland School

 Welcome to Me to We at Roseland! We are pleased to be a "We" school, which means our students are bringing change to their local community and the community of Oloirien in Kenya.

At Roseland we believe that one person can bring about great imagine what a motivated groups of intermediate students can do!

Last year we were able to raise over $1400 for Health Care in Kenya, creating a clinic in our village.

Our students are truly inspirational.

Lets see what change we can create this year!

WE Wash for Change!

May 2nd, please come out to Roseland and get your car washed while you test drive a new Ford!

With every test drive, Ford will donate $20 to our Downtown Mission, so come out and support a great event! 10am-2pm

Thank you Roseland community for your support!Drive one 4 UR Community