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Primary and Junior EQAO Assessment
​Last spring, students in Grades 3 and 6 at our school, and at every publicly funded elementary school across Ontario, participated in provincial assessments of their reading, writing and math skills. These assessments were conducted by Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).
School, School-Board and Provincial Results
EQAO assessments are an important source of information about student learning. Our school uses the results, along with other important information, to guide improvement programs and teaching practices so that all students benefit. Our school board and the Ministry of Education also use the results to direct attention and support where they’re needed. 
Parents receive individual student results for their child. Looking at these results can help you to better understand your child’s learning environment and to participate in our school community’s discussion about improvement planning. When looking at our school’s results, it’s important to look at achievement trends over time. It’s also important to consider the information about the makeup of our school community included in our school’s full report, which can be found on EQAO’s Web site, More information about the assessments, including sample tests and examples of student responses at different achievement levels, can be found in the “Parent Resources” section of EQAO’s Web site.
Sandwich West is pleased to share the 2018-2019 SWPS EQAO report.  Please keep in mind that these results are a snapshot of achievement and one of many sources of data we use to drive our school improvement planning. 
If you have any further questions regarding EQAO, please contact Ms. Fioret or Mrs. Dempsey @ 519-969-1750. ​