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Lending Policy

Book Sign Out
It is recommended that parents keep track of their child's "Library Day".  This will ensure that the students return their previously signed-out books so they will be able to take home different books during each library visit.  

Primary Students
Students in the primary grades are allowed to sign out ONE book at a time.  When they return that book, they may sign out another.  If they i) are not finished reading their book, ii) want to read it again, iii) left it at home or iv)
 they can't find it, then they will not be able to sign-out another book that day. 

Junior and Intermediate Students
Students in both the junior and intermediate grades are allowed to sign out TWO books at a time.  If, however, they are doing research of some kind, then they may sign out a total of 6 books.  (i.e., 1 book for casual reading, and 5 research books) 

Lost/Damaged Books
Children are expected to take very good care of the books that they borrow from the school library.  One way to think of it, is that students should treat the books as if they have borrowed them from their best friends.  Some ways to take care of the books would include such things as making sure that your hands are clean when reading a book, turning the pages with care to avoid tears, avoid damaging the book by using it inappropriately, etc.

If a student signs out a library book, they are promising to take very good care of it.  If, however, when the book is in a child's possession, it gets lost or damaged beyond repair, then that child will be held responsible for replacing the book.  There are basically three options: i) replace the book with the exact same book, ii) pay a fee to help the school to purchase a replacement, or iii) replace the book with a similar book of equal value.

And finally, if a book gets damaged from normal wear and tear, that's not a problem.  Sometimes the book that is signed out was damaged by a previous reader.  I would just ask that the student show me the damage (the torn page, etc.) so that the book can be repaired before being put back into circulation.  For these types of repairs, there are no fees, or anything else to worry about.  Just tucking a note halfway into the book to indicate the damage, like a bookmark, and then placing the book in the Book Return Bin would be enough to let me know that a repair is needed.  This would be greatly appreciated!