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Summer Learning
Alternative, Adult & Continuing Education
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Alert: Bus delays and cancellations
Full Credit7/3/201915-Jul-197/26/20198:30 AM3:10 PM
Westview Freedom Academy
Reaching Ahead7/3/2019-7/26/20198:30 AM12:30 PM
All Secondary Schools
(Riverside and Belle River Not Available)
Moving Forward7/3/2019-7/26/20198:30 AM12:30 PM
City: Eastwood P.S., Westgate P.S.
County: Essex P.S., TBA
Orientation Meeting: Required
You will be contacted with details.
ESL: Full Credit7/3/201915-Jul-197/26/20198:30 AM3:00 PM
Co-op Without Placement4/1/20195/10/2019
Co-op With Placement4/1/20196/14/2019
Full Credit4/1/20196/14/2019
Reaching Ahead4/1/20195/31/2019
Moving Forward4/1/20195/31/2019
ESL: Full Credit4/1/20196/14/2019
Secondary Students Adult Students
If you are currently enrolled in school you must contact your guidance counsellor to register for any Summer Learning Program. Windso​r Campus
Mason Education Centre​​
284 Cameron Ave
Windsor, ON N9B 1Y6
Phone: (519) 253-5006​
Leamington Campus
Employment Assessment Centre
215 Talbot Street East
Leamington, ON N8H 3X5
Phone: (519) 322-1688
Final Day of Classes / Exams
All Day
Elementary & Secondary P.A. Day
All Day
First Day of Class
All Day
Final Day of Class
All Day
Final day of Coop
All Day

2019 Course List

Updated: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 @ 09:47 AM
CourseGrdCourse NameProgram
CGC1D09Cancelled: Issues in Canadian GeographyFull Credit
CGC1P09Cancelled: Issues in Canadian GeographyFull Credit
CHC2D10Cancelled: Canadian History Since World War IFull Credit
CHC2L10Cancelled: Canadian History since World War 1Full Credit
CHC2P10Cancelled: Canadian History Since World War IFull Credit
ENG1D09EnglishFull Credit
ENG1L09Cancelled: English - EssentialFull Credit
ENG1P09Cancelled: EnglishFull Credit
ENG2D10EnglishFull Credit
ENG2L10Cancelled: English - EssentialFull Credit
ENG2P10Cancelled: EnglishFull Credit
ENG3C11EnglishFull Credit
ENG3U11EnglishFull Credit
ENG4C12EnglishFull Credit
ENG4U12EnglishFull Credit
MAP4C12Foundations for College MathematicsFull Credit
MAT1L09Cancelled: Mathematics EssentialFull Credit
MAT2L10Cancelled: Mathematics EssentialFull Credit
MBF3C11Foundations for College MathematicsFull Credit
MCR3U11FunctionsFull Credit
MCV4U12Cancelled: Calculus and VectorsFull Credit
MFM1P09Foundations of MathematicsFull Credit
MFM2P10Foundations of MathematicsFull Credit
MHF4U12Advanced FunctionsFull Credit
MPM1D09Principles of MathematicsFull Credit
MPM2D10Principles of MathematicsFull Credit
OLC4O12Ontario Secondary School Literacy CourseFull Credit
SBI3C11Cancelled: BiologyFull Credit
SBI3U11BiologyFull Credit
SBI4U12BiologyFull Credit
SCH3U11ChemistryFull Credit
SCH4C12Cancelled: ChemistryFull Credit
SCH4U12ChemistryFull Credit
SNC1D09Cancelled: ScienceFull Credit
SNC1L09Cancelled: Science - EssentialsFull Credit
SNC1P09Cancelled: ScienceFull Credit
SNC2D10Cancelled: ScienceFull Credit
SNC2L10Cancelled: Science - EssentialsFull Credit
SNC2P10Cancelled: ScienceFull Credit
SPH3U11PhysicsFull Credit
SPH4C12Cancelled: PhysicsFull Credit
SPH4U12PhysicsFull Credit
TFJ3C11Cancelled: Hospitality and TourismFull Credit
TFJ4C12Cancelled: Hospitality and TourismFull Credit
GLD2OCB-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - BRDH
GLD2OCE-Cancelled: Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - EDHS
GLD2OCA-Cancelled: Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - GAHS
GLD2OCH-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - HERM
GLD2OCK-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - KENN
GLD2OCG-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - KDHS
GLD2OCL-Cancelled: Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - LDSS
GLD2OCM-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - MASS
GLD2OCR-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - RIVR
GLD2OCS-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - SSEC
GLD2OCT-Cancelled: Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - TVSS
GLD2OCW-Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - WALK
GLD2OCN-Cancelled: Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - WEST
GLD2OCV-Cancelled: Discovering the WorkplaceReaching Ahead - WVFA
ESLCO03ESL Level 3ESL: Full Credit
ESLDO04ESL Level 4ESL: Full Credit
ESLEO05ESL Level 5ESL: Full Credit
AFK4T12Digital Photography TechniquesDual Credit
PPJ4T12Stress, Wellness and NutritionDual Credit
COOP WPSRCoop with PlacementCo-op
COOP W/O PSRCoop without PlacementCo-op
PPZ3CX11Health for LifeeLearning
CGR4MX12Cancelled: GeographyeLearning
HHS4UX12Families in CanadaeLearning
MDM4UX12Mathematics for Data MangmteLearning
OLC4OX12Ontario SS Literacy CourseeLearning
--EastwoodMoving Forward
--WestgateMoving Forward
--EssexMoving Forward
--Cancelled: Queen ElizabethMoving Forward​

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