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Please be aware the Coop program requires students to provide their own work placements and will run upon advice from the Ministry of Education and Windsor Essex County Health Unit. ​

You must provide your own placement to register for COOP

Registration: April 5, 2021 - May 10, 2021

GECDSB Students MUST select course through myBlueprint​​

Online Registration Form for anyone not currently enrolled in a GECDSB school  


Mature students (18 years old, and out of school for 1 year)

  • Two pieces of I.D. (birth certificate/passport & photo I.D.).
  • Immigration papers or proof of citizenship.

All Students

  • Complete high school transcript, including final marks from 2nd semester for non-GECDSB students.
  • Any additional post-secondary documents.

If you have completed education outside of Canada we recommend having your documents assessed by ICAS Canada


Students accepted into the summer school program will be contacted by the teacher as to the date and location of the pre-placement (first class).

Pre-placement Meeting Locations

Pre-placement meetings will be held online.

You must complete an on-line questionnaire:

  • Students and their families need to be aware that the pace and the volume of work are demanding as one credit involves 110 hours of placement.
  • There is no LST or guidance support available.
  • The student is expected to provide his/her own transportation to and from the work location. Transportation is not provided by the school board.
  • The maximum number of days absent with valid reason is two (per credit). Upon the third absence, you will be withdrawn. No Exceptions.
  • The student must attend the pre-placement meeting or he/she will be removed from class. You will be contacted with details by phone.
  • All placements must be completed by August 11th. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Co-op program is a full-time program that runs through Adult and Continuing Education.
Most students will work toward earning 1 or 2 credit co-op although some exceptions will apply.

What Student Fits Best for CO-OP?

  • A student who needs only 1 or 2 credits to graduate.
  • A student who needs 1 or 2 credits to get back on track with their scheduled graduation year.
  • A student who would like to try co-op, but cannot fit it into their academic schedule.
  • An SHSM student who cannot fit their co-op requirement into their academic schedule.
  • An OYAP student who is on his/her work placement and can tie co-op to an existing credit(s).

Eligible students need to have completed 2 years of high school and earned at least 12 credits; by the end of the semester.

  • It is preferred that the student has earned either English credits, the grade 10 GLC credit, or a GLS/GLE credit that has not been previously used to attach to a co-op credit.
  • A student has not yet earned 30 credits.
  • Exceptions to any of these requirements may be considered in cases of an exceptional earned-match to a placement.
  • It is strongly recommended that adult students complete any required academic courses before applying for co-op.
COOP-NPCooperative Education: Without Placement
COOP-PCooperative Education: With Placement