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  Talbot Trail Public School was built in 2005 and is one of the first planned "themed" schools to be built in Ontario. With a theme of exploration, students at Talbot Trail are able to engage in a learning environment that elicits curiosity, wonder and inquiry. 

At Talbot Trail, we believe that school is a place where every child should experience success. Our school is a safe, caring place where students are able to take risks in their own learning and where they are able to share their thoughts and ideas freely without judgement. 

We are a community of learners that support each other! Together with families, we encourage every student to reach their full potential as we "Explore the Potential of Each Learner". 
                                                                              Go Trail Blazers!​

Talbot Trail Public School
4000 Ducharme St.
Windsor, Ontario
N9G 0A1
Exploring the potential of each learner!
Principal: Mr. M. Baker
Vice Principal: Mrs. C. Pottie
Secretary: Mrs. J. Freeman
Clerk: Mrs. G. Cote





Public School

4000 Ducharme St.
Windsor, ON
N9G 0A1
(519) 969-9748