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​​​We have received the results of the 2019 school climate survey that was open to all of our students in grades 4-8, as well as staff and parents.  Detailed results will be shared with staff and school council.  See below for a summary of highlights.

Refunds for Students and Families

May 29, 2020

Board Logo - wheel.jpgThe ordered closure of schools and the subsequent cancellations and alterations to field trips, activities and events obliges the GECDSB to repay or refund money that has already been paid by students and families.

This includes any money pre-paid for meal days, field trips and graduation fees with either cash or through School Cash Online.

The GECDSB will absorb the non-refundable portions of field trip costs that have been deemed non-refundable by the provider.

Refunds will be processed through and distributed by the individual schools and the Board Finance department. School administrators or office staff are available to answer any questions.

Fund raising proceeds remain the property of each school and will be held in the school accounts.