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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary
Daily Timetable


8:10​​Warning Bell
​8:15 ​Opening Exercises
​8:20 - 9:35​Period 1 Class
​9:40 - 10:55​Period 2 Class
​10:55 - 11:35​Lunch
​11:40 - 12:55​Period 3 Class
1:00 - 2:15​​​Period 4 Class


Procedures for Absence/Attendance    (from the Student Handbook 2017)


  1. Parents are asked to contact the school either by note prior to the student's absence or by phone using the 24 hour hotline at 519-739-2189 (#1) on the day of the absence. If the student is to be picked up partway through the day, the parent is asked to come to or call the Attendance Office and inform the secretary. Students will be issued an excusal slip. Students must sign in and out of school through the attendance office (with parental/guardian permission until age 18). Students are not to text their parents from class to be picked up.     
  2. If this has not occurred, the student is automatically marked truant and the school will call home during the day. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that a phone call is received by the attendance office or a note is brought from his/her parents, dated, signed and with the reason for absence indicated. Truant students may not be granted any credit for tests, quizzes, assignments etc. given during the period of truancy.    
  3. Students who miss a FSE (final summative evaluation) or an examination are required to produce a medical note supporting their absence from school.     
  4. Students who miss period 1 must sign in at the Attendance Office. If you become ill during class time - students will inform the teacher, go to the Attendance Office, and the secretary will contact home.    
  5. Lateness - For the entire school year, the first period begins at 8:15 a.m. and you are expected to be in your period 1class before this time. You are deemed to be late if you arrive to period 1 after the bell. If you arrive late for school, you must report to the Attendance Office for an ADMIT SLIP. Lateness for an invalid reason or chronic reasons (e.g., "I slept in", "I missed the bus", etc.)  may result in disciplinary action. As well, you may be required to make up any time missed. Late arrival to school, unless due to a medical appointment or a valid and documented reason may result in a lunch detention. Should students continue to persist in lateness, progressive discipline will occur. At any time in this process, a student's entire attendance/late record may be reviewed and a referral made to the Attendance Counselor/Social Worker.    
  6. Early Excusal/Signing Out - To be excused during the school day, students are expected to report  to the office with a valid note of explanation or have parents call the attendance office. Should a student need to leave the building or wish to sign out for a valid reason (i.e. illness) during the school day, they must report to the office first in order to contact a parent or emergency contact for approval. Students who leave school at lunch and shall not return are expected to see the Attendance Secretary prior to leaving and have parents/guardians contact the office that day with a valid explanation. Should this not be possible, a note or telephone call from a parent/ guardian is required on the following day. Students who fail to follow these procedures will be considered truant.    

7. Truancies - will result in progressive discipline strategies contingent upon parental involvement, detentions and the possible involvement of the school Attendance Counselor/Social Worker.   


​In the event of poor weather resulting in bus delays or cancellation for the day, please do not call the school.  This information will be available earlier in the morning, before anyone is even in the office, through local media and the board web-site. 

On days of poor weather (fog, snow, ice etc.), please listen to local radio stations for news about transportation or school closings.  Also the board website will provide timely information.  Please visit or

If buses do not run in the morning , they will not be running in the afternoon (the exception being a fog day).

Please remember to call  the school to inform the office when your child/ren will be absent from school.  You are able to leave a message on the attendance line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.