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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary


The following was written by Paul Bisson, former principal of Tecumseh Vista Elementary:
The Greater Essex County District School Board prides itself as being a Board that meets the community needs by investing into the future of our youth.  In working with the Town of Tecumseh a new era of education was proposed to meet the mutual goals of the township and the ongoing commitment of the Board.  Tecumseh Vista Academy was created with the dream that a strong community based school would prepare and propel students in the Tecumseh area to new heights.

The Banwell corridor was an excellent site for our new school.  In fact, the area before amalgamation was known as Sandwich South.  On this very site, stood a one room school house, land donated by Henry Banwell.  Since the school bridges both borders of Windsor and the New Tecumseh south corridor development, the name of the school needed to reflect and encompass these realities.  Many recommendations came forth in the naming of the school, but in the end, the student voice was heard.  Bringing the past, the present, and the future together, the new school’s name would be called Tecumseh Vista Academy. 

Tecumseh is a thriving and growing community rich in pride and history.  Establishing a new school that will meet the growing needs of the Tecumseh community was paramount in the development stages.  In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Greater Essex County District School Board and the Town of Tecumseh, a new vision of a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 school evolved.   We are proud to be the first pioneers in the south-western region of Ontario in establishing such a creative school with a host of amenities.

Tecumseh Vista is considered to be a lead school in school designs.  It is an accessible school with plenty of green space for growth.  The decision to build an artificial turf football field, a first class gym facility, and design areas for students to assemble and learn in common areas, are but a few of the features that make the school unique.  The school reflects the needs of its community and the learning that needs to foster for years to come.

From the century old traditions with Chief Tecumseh ,  the pioneer days of one room school houses to modern day urban planning of today, Tecumseh Vista Academy meshes the deep values that the community holds, which is the education of its children. 

As our Motto states, β€œTogether, We Are Better”.  Together we will continue to grow, learn, thrive, and meet the challenges of tomorrow.​ 

Photo below from left to right:  Paul Bisson (TVA Elementary Principal), Gale Simko-Hatfield, (Chairman of the Board of Trustees), Engineer (J.P. Thomson), Mrs. Joan Rankin (TVA Secondary Principal), and​​ Warren Kennedy (Director of Education,​ GECDSB)

​Groundbreaking ceremony.jpg​