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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary
Parent Resource Library

Through provincial grant funds, applied for by our 2013-2014 Tecumseh Vista Parent Advisory Council, we have been able to acquire resources for parents to borrow from our libraries.  These resources cover a wide variety of topics applicable to parents, from the early years of development and through the high school years.

Here is a glimpse of just of few of many titles we have available for you:


resilient.jpeg teens.jpeggirls mean.jpeg       real boys.jpeg           ld.jpegdivorce.jpeg

These books, along with others, have been added to our Tecumseh Vista Academy school collection and can be accessed in the elementary library. Topics include parenting boys/girls, ADD and ADHD, appropriate use of cyberspace, to name just a few.  Please feel free to come by the school, or phone 519-739-2189 ext. 31624 if you would like a title sent home with your child.  It will be charged to your child's account, for tracking purposes.
Click on the link below to find a list of the current titles available, with descriptions.