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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary
Textual Relations
TEXTUAL RELATIONS 101    (taken     

Did You Know... Sharing too much information about yourself, too quickly, can come back to bite you:
  • Things change and people change. Some people may misuse information that you share with them in confidence. Be careful of who you share private information with. Trust is not a given, it needs to be earned.
In a healthy relationship, private information is treated with respect and trust:
  • Those who really care about you don't take personal, private information you share with them in confidence, and 
  • tell or show others. Real friends do not spread personal things about you around. If someone you thought was a friend doesn't keep your secrets, then they are not acting like a true friend.
In an unhealthy relationship, private information can be used to take advantage of and try to control you:
  • Anyone who uses your trust and friendship to control you, such as encourage you to do harmful things and things you do not feel comfortable doing, is using you. Avoid these people like the plague.
Sexualized activity with adults is illegal:
  • Although you may feel all grown up, those who are much older than you should not be paying attention to you in a sexual way. Write these people off, it's creepy and weird. Plus there are plenty of awesome guys and girls your own age.
In Canada, anyone under the age of 16 cannot consent to sexual activity with an adult five years or more older. Why do you think that is? How does this protect you or your friends?