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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary
The School Library Learning Commons - a new direction for schools and school libraries
What is a Learning Commons?
 "The Learning Commons is so much more than a room. As you might guess it is about common places and spaces to experiment, practice, celebrate, learn, work, and play. But much more than that it is about changing school culture and the way we (teacher librarians) do business in schools. The school library is now more than the hub of the school where learners and teachers gravitate to find materials they need and work on projects. As well, the school library is transformed into a vital catalyst for school improvement for staff as well as students. This transformation calls for physical, virtual, and pedagogical changes as well as a shift in mindset for all players." Carol Koechlin Leading the Way (2009).
 "For schools, the Learning Commons incorporates the classroom, the school library, and the school board to connect students to the real and virtual worlds that are growing and maturing around them". Together for Learning *
"The Learning Commons creates a network of information,people, and programs for learning within a school and beyond." Together for Learning
 "The Learning Commons provides a space where everyone in a school can work together. Teachers, teacher-librarians,principals, technical staff, students....all can collaborate in learning partnerships. And all can switch the emphasis from teaching to learning. With everyone modelling how to learn, the learning process will become a natural part of the student's being."  Together for Learning
* For access to the document Together for Learning , click here.