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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary
Vista supports local Distracted Driving Campaign


According to the Ontario Provincial Police, "there are many forms of distracted driving that are illegal, dangerous and account for preventable deaths on Ontario roads every year. Talking on a cell phone, texting, reading a device screen, watching videos or movies, eating/drinking, personal grooming, adjusting the GPS/radio/CD player, playing extremely loud music and tending to kids in the back seat all qualify as distracted driving.  Even talking to passengers and driving while fatigued (mentally and/or physically) are considered forms of distracted driving". (

In early 2017, an awareness campaign was launched under the auspices of the Tecumseh OPP, the St. Clair Shores Optimist Club, and Mix 96.7 (Blackburn Radio).  Phase One challenged the four local (Tecumseh/Lakeshore) high schools to design a logo. TVA swept phase one with the top three entries!  Congratulations to students Marissa Krall, Grace Bower, and Gabriella Walker.  Marissa Krall walked away as the overall winter and was presented with $500 for her award-winning logo/bumper sticker.

Beginning on Monday, February 13, 2017, the four local high schools were visited by Mix 96.7, to promote phase two of their Distracted Driving Campaign.  Representatives outlined the unique creative writing elements needed to create a radio advertisement.  Many unique and creative scripts were submitted for review.

On behalf of the Tecumseh OPP, St. Clair Shores Optimist Club, and Mix 96.7, we proudly congratulate the following TVA students:  Ben Arquette, Jenna Warwick, and Melanie St. Onge.  They had the top three winning scripts which will be "voiced" by the students and run on Mix 96.7 at the end of April for a 6 month period (concluding in October – Teen Driving Week).  A total of 50 ads will be run each month. We encourage you to spread the word and tune in to Mix 96.7!

Photo left to right:  Marissa Krall, Grace Bower, and Gabriella Walker

Distracted driving 2017 - Marissa Krall.jpg