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Tecumseh Vista Academy - Secondary
Vortex Track takes WECSSAA by storm


In three action-packed days of WECSSAA track and field, May 10 - 12,  the Vortex team established itself as a top contender.  

The Midget Girls won the “AA” Overall Team Track & Field Championship!

Gage Marshall was also the Midget Boys Individual Track & Field Champion with a perfect score of 30 (Gold medal in each of his events)​!

An incredible 35 athletes qualified for 55 events at SWOSSAA!  Individually, there were some incredible performances from the Vortex team, including:


Midget Girls:

Jai​den Nyhoff: 1st in long jump, triple jump and 2nd in100m

Kailyn Robertson: ist in Discus and 100m

Danielle​​ Burt: 8th in Discus

Erica Saputo: 2nd in Triple jump, 4th in long jump

Nadia Marangelli: 5th in triple jump, 3rd in long jump

Ranya Elashal: 7th in shot put, 7th in javelin

Peri Adamo: 2nd in Javelin 

Jayden Nyhoff, Maddie Ford, Kailyn Roberts, Monica Plante: 1st in 4 x 100 m relay 


Midget Boys

Gage Marshall: 1st in 100m, 200 m, 400 m

Jacob Fitzpatrick: 2nd in 1500 m, 3000 m

Paul Popescu:5th in 3000 m, 5th in 1500 m, 4th in 800 m

Sean Bender: 7th in 3000 m, 6th in 1500 m

Gage Marshall, Alec Webb, Josh Puskaric, Paul Popescu: 3rd in 4 x 100 m relay


Junior Girls:

Seija Huhtala: 2nd in shot put

Taylor Bacon: 8th in triple jump

Jaelynn Parent: 7th in discus, 7th in javelin, 7th in shot put

Diana Pizzcaroli: 6th in discus, 2nd in javelin


Junior Boys:

Gaedon Berry: 1st in shot put, 2nd in discus

Ramon Deol: 3rd in discus, 8th in shot put

Luca Jones: 4th in discus

Phil Rosen: 5th in 100 m hurdles

Jordan Cook: 3rd in Javelin

Jamie Teti: 4th in 100m, 4th in triple jump, 3rd in long jump


Senior Girls

Madison Burnham: 2nd in 800 m

Stephanie Rosen: 6th in 1500 m, 8th in 800 m

Skye McGeen: 8th in discus


Senior Boys

Alex Colak: 5th in 800 m

Christian Conlon: 3rd in 400m hurdles, 8th in 800 m

Mitch Prsa: 1st in Discus, 5th in shot put

Jack Probert: 8th in 110m hurdles

Will Layman: 4th in Discus

Nathan Clemmings: 6th in triple jump

Hunter Legault-Sidom: 1st in Intellectual 800m, new WECSSAA Record


Alex Colak, Gage Marshall, Matt Cameron, Christian Conlon: 6th in the 4 x 400m relay