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Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts
FAQs About Auditions

​​​​​WCCA Application Q&A


Here is a list of a commonly asked questions that we hope will help address some of your inquiries;

The WCCA Appointed Teachers per Discipline:

Band (Concert, Strings, Guitar, and Piano) ​Amanda Sands
Dance (Jazz, Ballet, Modern) Roger Wellington
Drama (Acting, Directing, and Production) Jeff Marontate
Vocal (Pop, Classic, Jazz) Sarah Preney
Media Art (Photography, Graphic, Installations) Jason Allison
Visual Art (Painting, Sculpting, Printing, Drawing) Kevin Lock

We also offer Piano and Guitar.  Please contact Mrs. Sands for more information on those programs.


1) Q: Does it have to be a Grade 8 report card or Grade 8 progress report?
​​A: No.  Feel free to use a grade 7 report card.​
2) Q: What if I am Home-Schooled?  What do I use?
​​A: Although you c​an print out assignment marks from the ILC (if you are using that) we ask that all Home School Students please indicate β€œHOME SCHOOLED” on the NAME OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LINE on the application form. 
A separate interview will be given at the time of the auditions.  It does not affect your audition!
3) Q: Do I require a Grade 7 or 8 teacher reference?
​​A: Yes, but feel free to use a reference from a coach; instructor, or other non-related mentor.​
4) Q: Are you a semester school or a non-semester school (Like Massey Secondary)?
​​A: Walkerville is a semestered school (4 classes a day for 1st semester and 4 classes a day for the 2nd semester) In addition to that, we also offer 1 extra class time at 7:40am to 8:50am per semester in our Performing Art Courses. So technically some WCCA students could have up to 5 classes a day.
5) Q: When does the school day start and end?
​​A: The regular school day begins at 9am and finishes at 3pm
9:00-10:20am Period 1
10:25-11:40am Period 2
11:40-12:20pm LUNCH
12:25-1:40pm Period 3
1:45pm-3:00pm Period 4
In addition to this we offer an early morning class at 7:40am to 8:50pm (performing art classes only (Vocal, Dance, Drama, Piano, Strings and Instrumental)


Please note that some rehearsals for our performances, recitals and shows often begin at 3pm and finish between 5 an​d 8pm
6) Q: I have a specific question about one of the programs:
​​A: Contact us directly at the following email address:
7) Q: We are already enrolled in a WCCA class. Can we join another one(s) next year?
​​A: Yes. As long as yo​​u meet the requirements. The WCCA Program Leader, Guidance Dept Head and WCCA subject teacher will determine when and how.
8) Q: I have no interest in pursuing the β€œArts” or any aspect of it, in post secondary. Can I still be a part of WCCA?
​​A: Yes! What you choose to do as a career has no bearing on the skills you learn in art programs. In fact, the skills and tools you acquire in art-based classes will only help you no matter what path you choose!
9) Q: If I o​​nly want to audition for 1 discipline is it still $30.00?
​​A: Yes. It’s the same fee for 1 audition or 3 auditions. And the fee is per year.
So next year, if you wish to audition for another WCCA discipline, you will need to pay $30.00.
10) Q: Are there course fees?
​​A: Yes.  For Visual, Vocal, Band, and Piano there may be course fees. The respective teachers will give more details as to when those fees are due.
11) Q: I go to a Catholic School or a French School, or a school outside the GECDSB. Can I still apply?
​​A: Yes. And once you know if you are accepted into WCCA, we will direct you on how to complete the necessary paper work
12) Q: If I am not from the Walkerville jurisdiction, and wish to attend WCCA can I?
​​A: Yes. We are a magnet program so any student from anywhere can attend.  We offer bus passes for students who meet the necessary criteria. Wait until you are accepted into WCCA to find out how the bus passes work.
13) Q: Where do I find out more information about WCCA events?
​​A: WCCA Website, Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 
14) Q: ​​I want to make a donation to WCCA (Financial or assets).
​​A: Please contact the W.C​CA Program Director: 519-252-6514 ext: 31416
15) Q: How many Art disciplines or Art Subjects do you have?
​​A: We have 9 subject areas. They are Band, Dance, Drama, Media Art, Visual Art, Vocal, Piano, Strings and Guitar.
16) Q: I want help to prepare for my audition. What can I do?
​​A: Search W.C.C.A. auditions on the G.E.C.D.S.B. website and follow the links for each subject.
17) Q: What are the academic requirements to get into and stay in W.C.C.A.?
​​A: We require a minimum of a 70% in your W.C.C.A. classes for you to remain in the classes year to year. We also monitor your other classes and determine if you are able to balance the extended art program with your regular academic courses. Your progress is on going and is constantly evaluated.
18) Q: Do you only offer Arts classes at Walkerville?
​​A: Walkerville offers ALL TYPES of classes: Academic, Applied, University, College, Workplace, sport teams and clubs etc… W.C.C.A. is a program that lives inside Walkerville.   W.C.C.A. is a program that focuses on the Art side of Walkerville. By coming to W.C.C.A. you are in fact a Walkerville Student. 
19) Q: Do I need any special clothing or outfits or uniforms?
​​A: Attire and outfits will be explained and determined depending on the classes you get into once you arrive as a student at Walkerville.
20) Q: What does W.C.C.A. do for me on my High School Diploma?
  • It indicates that you have completed an enriched program at the secondary level. 
  • It brings with it the name recognition and credibility that W.C.C.A. has acquired over its 30 years of existence.