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Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts
Inside the Drama Program
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From the Students' Perspective:

Over the past year and a half, the WCCA program has become a home for me. When any opportunity was placed for me to participate in a WCCA event, my schedule was immediately clear. Working with the amazing teachers and older students was truly inspiring. Watching the grade twelves perform when I was in grade nine gave me chills and it is crazy to think that that will be me one day. Every single day I get closer to reaching that goal when training in my WCCA classes. If you can’t tell already, I adore this program with every inch of my being. Not only would I not be the performer I am today, but it too has shaped me into the person I am.

When things get hard elsewhere, I always know that I can find my way back to the drama and dance rooms and relieve my stress by dancing or participating in an improvisational skit with my best friends. Yes, the program is stressful.  Yet, we are the best arts school in the region and simply nothing can compare- if the standards weren’t as high as they are, we wouldn’t be the best. But it is all worth it. You’re doing something you love and it will only pay off it the end to get you closer to reaching your goals and eventually becoming the artist you strive to be.