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Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts
Inside the Visual Arts Program
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From the Students' Perspective:

I have had an absolutely wonderful 4 years in the WCCA Visual Arts program. Being in a supportive and encouraging environment where both staff and students share a passion for art has not only allowed me to develop my skills, but to grow as a person as well. I have learned to build canvases, create wire sculptures, turn boxes and hoarded trinkets into art, carve walking sticks out of 6-foot tree branches, and countless of other practices; above all, I have learned that working hard for what you love will lead to happiness.

Each day, I would walk out of class with either a smudge of charcoal on my cheek, paint splattered across my hands, or some mysterious media on my shirt that I had not even used- but never without a smile on my face. I will forever be appreciative of the people I have met, knowledge I have acquired, and overall experience I have had at Walkerville.