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Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts
Inside the Instrumental Program
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From the St​​udents' Perspective:

​Not only is the WCCA band a place where you are given equal opportunities to try and learn new things, ​it’​s also a family. The friends I have made throughout the three years in this program have encouraged me to become a better musician and also a better person overall. Not only do we get the chance to become better at the instruments we start out playing in grade school but we are given the choice to try new instruments and see what we are good and what we enjoy. With a teacher that combines all elements of music repertoire, you learn deeper theory into how to read and write music and how to play in different time, and key signatures. 

Through my new knowledge of theory I have been able to take my instrument and playing skills into other areas outside of school, where I have gotten to play in shows for local theatre companies. Not only do I now have a knowledge I can transfer to local companies and production opportunities, but I can also bring it into my post-secondary career. Overall WCCA band is a place where positivity is shared and you are allowed to grow to be whatever person you want to be, whether you play for fun or want to go into music as a career. Not only have I succeeded academically but I have gained a family.

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