Westview Freedom Academy houses school records for:

Westview Freedom Academy
Cal-Tech - school closed
Century Secondary School - school closed
Forster Secondary School - school closed
Hands (William) - school closed
Shawnee - school closed​

For more information on school records for closed schools, click here​.

​For Transcr​ipts or copies of​ other Ontario Student Records (OSR) documents (from the schools ​listed above only), please complete the Release of Information form (link below).  Bring to the school's main office with photo I.D. and the cash fee listed on the bottom of the form.  Processing will not begin until the form, ID, and fees have been submitted.​

Please note: documents generally take 3-5 business days. 

 Release of Information 2017.pdf

For out of town inquiries, you can mail/fax/email your form and copy of ID to: [email protected]​  the Guidance Secretary, but processing cannot begin until payment is made via Money Order mailed in or family member/friend dropping off cash in person on your behalf. 

We do not have any electronic payment system in place.
Please remember all requests for information need to be accompanied by photo identification.​