Cooperative Education


Cooperative Education is a unique program that allows a student to explore a career of interest to them while extending their classroom learning into business, industry and the community. It involves a partnership between the student, employer, school and the parent/guardian. While in a Cooperative Education placement, the student earns credits through related subjects and the cooperative education course to further develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the workplace. 

This learning experience allows students to:

  • Explore career choices
  • Increase awareness of workplace opportunities
  • Develop transferable "essential skills"
  • Apply classroom theory to workplace experiences
  • Experience the realities of the world of work
  • Build a network for future employment
  • Make a smooth transition to life after high school
  • Earn up to two co-op credits towards the 18 compulsory credits needed for a high school diploma
  • Earn credits toward the 12 optional credits needed for a high school diploma

Placement Opportunities

Co-op placements must be arranged for students by school cooperative education teachers and they must be consistent with Ministry of Education policy and guidelines. Cooperative education teachers can provide a list of placements used by the school and the GECDSB and they always strive to find appropriate placements for students based on their interests. Parents or students may suggest alternative placements which will then be assessed by the co-op teacher to ensure that they meet GECDSB and Ministry of Education policies and guidelines.

Who is eligible?

Grade 11 or 12 students destined for the workplace, university, apprenticeship, or college

How to apply?

Eligible students can apply for Cooperative Education by selecting it as an option at course selection time.

Students must also complete a co-op application​ and may be interviewed by the co-op teacher.

Students can contact the Cooperative Education Teacher for more information:

K. Baker

519-252-6514 ext. 51402

[email protected] 



What is OYAP?
The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a school-to-work transition program offered through Ontario secondary schools. Full-time students in Grades 11 and 12 earn cooperative education credits through work placements in skilled trades.

Who Can Participate?
If you are a full-time high school student entering Grade 11 and are at least 16 years old before the Co-op placement starts, you can work towards a career in the skilled trades by participating in OYAP.

How Can I Learn More OYAP?
To learn more about OYAP, contact the Cooperative Education Teacher Kim Baker at 519-252-6514 ext. 51402

For more information, please visit: