Renting School Facilities

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While primarily used for student education and extra-curricular use, the Greater Essex County District School Board offers school facilities for the use of residents and non-profit community groups during non-instructional hours.

COVID-19 Update March 10, 2022:  We are happy to be resuming outdoor rentals on May 15 and are aiming to welcome everyone back beginning with the 22/23 rental season beginning Oct. 1.  We continue to prioritize the health and safety of all users and thank you for your patience over the last two years.

Renting a facility

Before beginning the facility rental process, please ensure that you are authorized by your organization to rent facilities and that you have viewed our:

Visit our Facility Community Use Online Portal to begin your rental registration. Follow the 'New user?' guide if it is your first time renting a facility. After creating and/or logging into your account, create a new permit request and follow portal instructions to submit.

Once we receive your permit request, our Community Use of Schools staff will review the application. If the facility space is available and the request has been successfully completed, you will receive an email notice. We may contact you and ask for further information in our review.

Facility partnerships

View more information on our facility partnerships and community planning processes.