Kindergarten French Immersion

Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) is proud to offer an Early French Immersion program where students begin learning in French as early as Junior and Senior Kindergarten.

How to enrol your child

Check out our French as a Second Language programs to learn how to enrol your child in French Immersion and find supporting resources for families and students.

Learn about French Immersion

Learn about our French Immersion program offered at GECDSB. Find general information on where to find a school, what transportation students use, what involvement is needed to support your child and much more.

Do families need to speak French?

Families do not need to speak French in order for their children to attend French Immersion. There are many ways that your involvement and support in your child's education will help your child reach their potential.

Our approach to teaching French as a Second Language

Your child will be acquiring French language in addition to growing other developmental, social, and cognitive skills. The play-based learning approach in Kindergarten is designed to meet individual children's needs through observation and planning.

How much French is taught in Kindergarten?

Students in Kindergarten will be taught in French for all instructional programs. Incidental and safety communication will be provided in English.