Erie Migration District School

The Greater Essex County District School Board has purchased land to develop a new Kindergarten to Grade 12 school in Kingsville. The new school will replace Kingsville District High School, Kingsville Public School and Jack Miner Public School.


The new school will be located in the Town of Kingsville – east of Jasperson Lane and south of the Kingsville Arena.

Project information

Project details for the new elementary/secondary school include:

  • Grant: $59,900,000 (approximately)
  • Number of students: 1,045 elementary students and 753 secondary students
  • Architect: Architecttura
  • General contractor: Fortis Construction
  • Construction begins: April 2022
  • Final completion: We aim to open the school in September, 2024

Design preview

The new school construction project is currently in the design phase. You can view a video of the design presentation to learn more about the proposed design.

Construction Updates

Photo Gallery: Kingsville K-12 Updates will appear here on the public site.

Celebration to Commence Construction for the New K-12 School

Former Director of Education Erin Kelly, former Chairperson of the Board Alicia Higgison and Trustee Julia Burgess were joined by Mayor Richard Meloche (Essex), Mayor Nelson Santos (Kingsville), Tyler Beckett of The Fortis Group, Carmen Brunone of Architecttura , principals Rob Kapetanov, Bill Toews, Chris Pillon and Mike Huggard and students Ottavio Ruggirello and Kinsey Kendrick to celebrate the start of construction on the new Kingsville K-12 school on April 13th, 2022. 

Thank you to everyone else who joined us to celebrate the beginning of this incredible project! Watch the video here and check out photos from the event below. 

Photo Gallery: Kingsville K-12 Construction Commencement will appear here on the public site.

Raising the Roof at Erie Migration District School

Everything is coming together at Erie Migration District School. Fortis Construction Group continues to advance construction toward the scheduled opening date of September 2024, with the final beam being placed on the interior structure of the school this morning.

Fortis Group brought forward the idea to have future students, staff, trustees and community representatives invited to add their signatures to the final beam. Over 50 attendees were given the opportunity to sign their names, with some adding messages that will be preserved inside the finished structure indefinitely.

Photo Gallery: Kingsville K-12 Beam Raising will appear here on the public site.